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Art and music are international connectors. It is a well known fact that children who practice a performing art have a higher level of academic achievement, concentration and sense of confidence. School band, chorus, dance, drama, and orchestra programs build valuable social skills in teamwork and communication among peers through interest in school involvement and the study of performance. Supporting performing arts programs helps to create better citizens for our communities and for the world. Art and music education helps to give students a boost up the ladder of knowledge and success. However, because of educational budget cuts, our local programs need your help!

About Anchor

JPAF: Keeping the Performing Arts Alive

The performing arts are able to provide their unique educational instruction only by supplementing the school’s budget with private funds. As our programs continue to grow in aspirations and in numbers, as does the need for supplemental funds.

The Jupiter Performing Arts Fund, Inc. was formed for the purpose of encouraging, promoting and supporting performing arts within the public education system in Jupiter, Florida. The mission of this not-for-profit organization is to enhance the performing arts departments and help students move up the ladder of success by providing instruments, artists in residence, clinicians, scholarships and providing resources for students to advance. 

In doing so, we hope to help wherever unavailable, reduced, or restricted funding prohibits students from succeeding to their full potential in the performing arts.


Keeping the performing arts alive takes strong business, community, and school relationships.


Our "New Life for Old Notes" program puts instruments in the hands of students in need.


Funds are awarded directly to students for: college, summer camps, private lessons, and other costs. 

Ninety-eight percent of our funds come from individuals, foundations, and community business leaders who realize that sound financial investments should be made in education in our public schools.

Our goals are solely in the name of our children’s education; school programs cannot do it without support. Together, our help can allow students to realize all of their educational dreams in the performing arts.

Please open your heart to help with a life changing tax-deductible donation. 

Click here to help us today!

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