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JPAF Activities & Programs

Join us for activities, concerts, events, fundraisers, and programs!

JPAF Programs

The Jupiter Performing Arts fund is fighting to keep the arts in education through a variety of programs. Click on each program below to learn more and find out how you can help! 

Arts education doesn't defend itself. JPAF plays a role in supporting the arts education community. 

Our "New Life for Old Notes" program puts instruments in the hands of children!

Funding rich experiences for our young performers. Anything from band camp to college. 

Bringing the best in the business directly to the students in our community!

Event Calendar

The calendar contains the many events and on-goings of JPAF. Join us for concerts, fundraising piano galas, Gunabans night, raffles, scholarship drives, and more! Link the events directly to your Google calendar! 

Come out and join JPAF as we strive to support performing arts in public schools!


Schools we Serve

JPAF serves public elementary, middle, and high schools in the town of Jupiter.

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